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Matching People with Jobs

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Welcome to JOBSfit4U -- we help you hire smarter.

How it works?

You create job postings and identify your ideal candidate profile for your job by answering a few questions. Once the posting is active JOBSfit4U starts attracting and matching people to your job.

Your jobs appear all over the web

Through our strategic partnerships, once you post a job on JOBSfit4U, your job posting will be accessed through hundreds of networked sites and on JOBSfit4U.

Candidates are attracted to jobs that fit

Fit Match to Job
Candidates that complete our free personality assessment automatically see jobs that fit them best. This helps candidates narrow their search and think of career opportunities that they might not ordinarily think of.

Benefit to employers

Improve retention; improve productivity; speed up the recruiting process... By having the right candidates to choose from, you can focus on selection rather than screening out candidates.

Is it accurate?

Normative profiling is extremely accurate due to the depth of the questioning and the ability to relate individual scores on a number of scales to larger populations. The assessment that JOBSfit4U is based on has been in use for employee selection for over two decades. To bring you JOBSfit4U, we've flipped our assessment around and not only do we help employers select candidates, we help candidates select employers. Our job matching engine is constantly being refined and tweaked to provide you with best possible match.

Pay only for results

On JOBSfit4U it's FREE to post jobs and pay just a small fee per applicant. There is no minimum spending requirement and you can turn jobs on or off as often as you like.

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