Matching People with Jobs
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When you take the JOBSfit4U personality assessment we use the results to match you directly with jobs in our database.
Matching People with Jobs

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How does it work?

The assessment measures each individual by asking questions that relate to several personality traits. We use that information to match your personality to jobs and assign a score based on your natural fit.

Is it Accurate?

Normative profiling is extremely accurate due to the depth of the questioning and the ability to relate individual scores on a number of scales to larger populations. The assessment that JOBSfit4U is based on has been in use for 30 years all over the world. To keep our job matching engine accurate, we are constantly refining and tweaking our algorithms to provide you with best possible match.

If my match is low on a job, does that mean I won't be successful at it?

No. What it means is that your personality does not match with the average of top performers of that job type. For example, suppose you are someone who loves to be with people, your job fit score will then be lower on jobs that would require you to work alone. Of course you may still be successful at that job, but it may not be a natural fit. Other factors also come into play: job experiences, life experiences, your commitment to your career, etc.

Will my information be shared with anyone?

No, your contact information remains completely confidential. You must explicitly choose to share your info on an employer by employer basis. Please read our privacy policy for more information. (North America)  Canada   USA (Europe - French)  France   Belgium   Swizerland   Luxembourg
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